Сompletion of the theory and supervision course “Jungian Therapy"

CONGRATULATIONS on completion of the theory and supervision course “Jungian Therapy" (the second training stage of Inna Kirilyuk's author program on analytical psychology recommended by the Ukrainian Jungian Association (UJA, GM of IAAP) as the Basic Training Program in analytical psychology (Kyiv)). 

These were intense 2 years of immersion in the depths of Jungian analysis that lasted from from October 5, 2019 till December 5, 2021! 

Each of you and the Group as a unity have created a circle of power, professional support, and development!

Many thanks to the international team of trainers: Maria-Teresa Aydemir, Konstantin Slepak, Olga Kondratova, Elizaveta Molostova, Elena Purtova, Olena Kovalenko, Serhiy Teklyuk, Inna Kirilyuk for their high professionalism and love 
 for their cause. 

We wish you further development in the Jungian approach and an interesting professional journey!