«After the completion of the basic program or other basic training in analytical psychology analytical psychologists can aspire for the status of a Jungian analyst, undergoing the training according to the IAAP standards.

Professional training according to the IAAP standards is the theoretical-practical course of training for professional analysts based on the long-term group and individual supervision, seminars with the obligatory individual analysis.

The training is designed within the framework of the international IAAP training standards.

The supervision training program for Jungian analysts is provided on the territory of the country by only the national professional society with the status of «training society». In case the country doesn't have its own national society, then the training program is provided by IAAP.

Currently, because of the acceptance of Ukrainian Jungian Association as a national society, IAAP is completing its training in Ukraine.

The receiving by UJA the training status of IAAP will mean the becoming of IAAP assignee in the organization and providing professional training inside the country by the forces of Jungian analysts of Ukraine.

Currently UJA is the Group Member of IAAP (UJA, GM of IAAP) without the training status».The purpose of development and movement of UJA is the creation of the professional training according to the IAAP standards inside Ukraine.

The participation in and the successful completion of the training program gives a psychologist a chance to receive a legitimate status of a Jungian analyst with international certification and the IAAP membership.

Professional training according to the IAAP standards is the complex training in analytical psychology for the specialists with the basic psychological or medical education.

In order to enter training one needs the knowledge of basic concepts in analytical psychology (for example those who completed the basic program of the UJA members or other training programs recommended by UJA), the presence of practice and individual analysis with the certified Jungian analyst.

The experience and knowledge in other directions of psychology and psychoanalysis are welcome as well as the other humanitarian disciplines such as culturology, theology, phylosophy, anthropology, sociology and the arts.

After the completion of training in IAAP the analyst becomes an Individual Member of IAAP.

After the completion of training in the national professional society with the training status the analyst becomes a Group Member of IAAP.

The presence of professional training inside the country will offer an opportunity to begin a new era in the development of analytical psychology in Ukraine. We expect this opportunity in the future.

One of the main purposes of UJA is receiving a training status in IAAP.The way of becoming a Jungian analyst is a deeply individual experience. The education of a Jungian analyst is the development years long, and it doesn't stop with receiving the qualification, but becomes the individuation process. In the process of professional becoming the connection of individual analytical experience with the experience of practical work takes place, accompanied by the mentors, training analysts and training supervisors, in order to enter a new culture of collegial support and connections. It is the formation of the analytical identity of a professional».